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Rowzee Lodowick, Sr.

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Suffix  Sr. 
Birth  1590  Antwerpen, Provinz Antwerpen, Belgium  [1
Sex  Male 
Died  Aft 16 Jul 1655  Ashford, Kent, England 
Person ID  I1005  My Broken Twigs and Branches 
Last Modified  27 Jun 2006 
Father  Rowzie Henry, b. 1555, Antwerpen, Belgium 
Mother  Sally, b. 1557, Antwerpen, Belgium 
Group Sheet  F0526  My Broken Twigs and Branches 
Family 1  Hawkins Sarah, b. 1602, St. Peters, Canterbury, England 
Married  20 Sep 1626 
>1. Rowzee Ralph, b. 6 Jan 1626/27, Canterbury, Kent, England
 2. Rowzee Lodowick, Jr., b. 3 Jan 1628/29, Ashford, Kent, England
 3. Rowzee Catherine, b. 15 Jul 1633, Ashford, Kent, England
>4. Rowzee Sarah, b. 23 Jun 1635, Ashford, Kent, England
>5. Rowzee Edward, Sr., b. 18 Mar 1637/38, Ashford, Kent, England
 6. Rowzee Martha, b. 21 Jun 1640, Ashford, Kent, England
 7. Rowsey Margaret
Group Sheet  F0525  My Broken Twigs and Branches 
  • Lodowick Rowzee married Sarah Hawkins, the widow of John Catlett Sr, according to the pamplet A History of Two Virginia Families Transplanted from County Kent England-Thomas Baytop, Tenterden 1638 and John Catlett, Sittingbourne 1622 by Dr. & Mrs. William Carter Stubbs, New Orleans, LA, 1918

    Lodowick ROWZIE/ROUSEY, Sr., MD. b. 1590 m. 20-Sep-1626 Sarah HAWKINS b. 1602/04
    Physician's License, dated 29 Jan., 1618/19 was issued to Lewis Rowzeus, M.D.. practicing in Ashford on 4 March, 1624/5. Lodowick Rowzee wrote a pamphlet entitled, "The Queenes Welles, That is a Tratise of the Nature and Vertues of Turnbridge Water,. London." At the death of Lodowick Rowzie, Sr., John Catlett, half-brother of Ralph Rowzee was appointed by an English Court to administer the "goods, chattels, and debts" of Ralph Rowzee and Edward and
    Martha Rowzee.

    Based on her age on first marriage license to John Catlett, (ye younger), Sarah was born about 1604. Based on her age on the second marriage license, Sarah was born about 1602. After the death of her husband, John Catlet [iii], Sarah left her home in Sittingbourne Parish and returned to the home of her father, Ralph Hawkins, in Canterbury for the birth of her postumous child. From a message from Elreeta Weathers dated October 12, 1998 found on:

    Following information found at:
    The Rowzie s came from England. The older members say that we came from France, but we have nothing to prove this, as of yet. Children of Lodwick, being Ralph, Edward, Sarah, and half brother John Catlett, Jr.
    They came from towns and cities around and including London, & Canterbury. They arrived at Jamestown, VA by the way of Chesapeake Bay in the year of 1650.They settled in Essex Co. (1700) and Old Rappahannock County, Va. Where the first spelling of 'Rowsey' came into history and was noted, spelled Rousey, Rowzie, Rowzee, are just a few of them. (Our line) moved to Amherst Co. at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in 1765.
    "... And departing leave behind us, footprints in the sands of time" Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHe died in 1640 in Ashford, Kent county, England. He was buried in Ashford, Kent County, England. I have noted that in our search on Lodowick, Sr. some have been listing his birth in Ashford, England. This has not been proved by anyone," just guessing". Most of us have it passed down to us that we are from France, I know I have. We do know he went to a ' English speaking students of medicine school (at University of Leyden) in Belgium, but his birth still remains one of our top mystery's. By: Jim White
    Lodowick wrote his medical theses on Sept 24 1616. The theses eight pages long, but only the first three pages have been translated to English. In the first part of the theses, Lodowick states Ludivicus Rouzaeus (Ludwig Rouze) of Antwerp, Belgium" will attempt on 24 Sept, to defend for attaining the degree of doctorate in medicine. After Lodowick finished medical school he went to England. In the directory of English county physicians (1603-1643 ) Volume 7, a license to physicians was issued to Lewis Rowzeus in 1618 to practice medicine in Ashford, County Kent, England. By: Patrick RouseyWhy Lodowick instead of the more popular French name Lewis? "Lodowick" is from "Ludovicus" the Latin form of Lewis. He is also listed as Ludovicus Rosaeus at the University. The name "Lodowick" was used a great deal in the highland of Scotland. ----anyone ever checked Scotland genealogy?By: Glenn Rousey
Sources  1. [S003090]   OneWorldTree
" One World Tree (sm) [database online]. Provo, UT:, Inc."
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